I started fly fishing and tying at the age of 16. I was born and raised on bait fishing and did very well. I can remember being taught to thread minnows at the age of 7. My father and uncles taught me how to read water. I grew tired of bait fishing, and decided that I wanted a challenge. I decided that I was going to become a fly fisherman. My uncle gave me an old Thompson vice that he had and I was off. It took quite a few years for me to actually start catching fish on a regular basis. I began to focus on my flies and really fine tune them. The rest is history.

I really enjoy helping new tyers and fly fisherman get started and see them have success without the extreme learning curve that I had. Along with my flies, I offer any recipe to the flies you see on my page. Free of charge to anyone. I love this sport and love to see fly fisherman have success. I also offer my advice on fly fishing to anyone as well. It is not imperative for someone to purchase flies from me to have me offer advice or a fly recipe.

I built my business by being honest and true to my self.  One principle that I will never change is that my flies are guaranteed to catch fish.  I test each pattern that I design and ensure that it is a fish catching machine, and that the materials and hooks that the fly is made from will hold up to many fish. If you are having trouble catching fish, I ask that you contact me so we can analyze your fishing techniques. Often we can improve on your skills, and you can see an immediate change in success. If this does not help, and you still aren't having success I will purchase the flies back and fish with them. Its simple. To date I have never had a return but I will honor this policy as long as I am in business.

Another added feature of purchasing my flies is that if the fly breaks prematurely, or comes apart I will replace this fly. I ask that you keep this within reason, but sometimes weaknesses can happen in materials and such. I pride my flies on holding up on multiple fish. If you have an issue with a fly, send me a picture of the fly, and describe to me how the fly was damaged. I will replace that fly with a new fly. I don't tie junk, and if I were buying custom flies I would not want to pay for a fly that was junk.  To date I have only had to replace one fly.